Welcome to Gangnam Sauna

Come for a soak, ancient Korean style. Stay for a treatment from our extensive selection of modern, global spa services.Return often.

Enter our expansive facility in the heart of Atlanta, and be transported worlds away by our hot and cold baths and specialty, progressive sauna rooms. Add a Acupressure, body scrub, or facial. Or simply enjoy unique amenities including a full-service restaurant, open air terrace, and delightful kids’ zone that earned us the honor of “Best Family Fun Spa" - Atlanta 2013”. At Gangnam Sauna, we take the family-friendly jimjilbang and our terrace.
Bring your nearest and dearest, or make it all about you. Either way, you are about to discover the affordable and necessary luxury of wellness, the Gangnam Sauna way.

For those who are new to Korean spa culture, Here are a few guidelines.

  • At check-in, we will greet you with a key and locker number (attached to a wrist-band), as well as your ID for the rest of the visit. You will also be given a towel and gender-specified clothing (extras are provided). You will then store your belongings in your locker and change into the shirt and shorts given.
  • A Korean spa is not for the modest. To enter the spa and sauna (on floors, separated by gender), we ask that no clothing be worn; thus, bathing suits and other articles of clothing are not allowed upon entry. However, the given towel is commonly worn to cover themselves. Additionally, to maintain the our respected hygene, we also ask that one showers prior to entry.
  • When using our co-ed floor or Jimjilbang. home to our exclusive specialty saunas and full service restaurant. we ask that you wear the shirt and shorts provided.
  • When tired, we invite you to utilize our sleeping areas located in both the Jimjilbang and on both gender levels for refreshing, tranquil rest.
  • We also provide free Wi-fi should you decide to check your email, as well as magazines and books
  • All charges during your stay are made through your key and will be totaled at checkout.
Should you require anything else, please ask our staff. We are here to attend to your every need and to make your experience at Gangnam Sauna the best it can be.

GangNam Sauna